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waaah someone wants to put together a cosplay group of my super disney mashups ;o;

if it happens i’mma die

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aggressively makes canvas EVEN LONGER

Added the new ladies to this thinger, whew

Super Didney

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Continuing my Disney and comic lady mashups, Elsa from Frozen and Killer Frost from DC comics. 

More in the tag here!

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Next in my series of Disney heroine and Comic lady mashups: Anna from Frozen and Valkyrie from Marvel.

Don’t worry, I’m doing Elsa too

To see all previous wimmens in the collection, check out the tag here.

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Continuing my Super Didney mashup series with Sally and Harley Quinn! When you think about it, they’ve got a lot in common.

Wanna check out the other ladies I’ve done? Everything is under my tag Super Disney here.

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New Disney mashup this weekend, by the way :) 

I’ll give you a hint: these ladies could learn a thing or two from each other about dating megalomaniacs.

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As promised, my new Disney/comic heroine mashup: Lilo and Sif (nak nak). Pudge-Thor controls the weather.

See the other ladies in my series in my tag Super Disney.

Nov 1 2013 15:01 1 note

Post-Halloween gobbledygook

Hey everybody! I hope you all had a safe and wonderful Halloween. 

Dress up as anything fun? :) I’d love to see everyone’s costumes! 

Just a few little updates~ I haven’t totally abandoned my disney mashups, so look for the new addition very soon. Aside from sketches to work on and finish (I still owe a little birdie her DA kiriban, Ihaven’tforgottenIpromise), I also plan on entering one or two designs into Welovefine’s Bee and Puppycat t-shirt contest. I hope I can have your support in voting when the time comes. <3

That’s about it for now! Love ya’ll.

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Quick housekeeping

  • Due to a couple of requests for it, I’ve made my princesses available as a print on my Society6 here:


  • Also remember that my giveaway ends Saturday the 14th! If you haven’t already checked it out, do so here:

    Right here!

Mmkay that’s all. Love you guys!

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aggressively makes canvas EVEN LONGER

Added the new ladies to this thinger, whew

Super Didney