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I wasn’t feeling too good earlier but I got off work to find Garrett had reblogged my artwork and it gave me the boost I needed <3

So here she is~ my new favourite skull covered pastel goth grim reaper <3

[just realized there’s a logic error in how I drew her hair and her hood. opps. She’s supernatural, she doesn’t live by our rules, okay?]

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Illustration for SEIFUKU: Uniform Anthology. Gotta love those prissy aristocrat archetypes.

Marching band uniforms: [x]
Order the artbook: [x]

guuuurl I love this

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They met at a Halloween masquerade, and ducked out of the party early to go have a threesome.

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so this morning my grandfather knocked on our door at like 8 am completely unannounced and interrupted the part in my dream where Jareth!David Bowie was swearing his eternal devotion to me

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I like Ouat as much as the next fan. But there comes a time when I cringe at new fairytale characters being friends with the charmings + emma, and family. The new characters become supporting and their stories come second to the main cast. Almost any free moment to develop the supporting cast or and new fairytale characters is given to the main cast in scenes that are boring, go nowhere, and best to be fast foward through. Idk about the new frozen arc comming up.

The reason I enjoyed the first… season and a half or so was because you were learning so much about all of these characters. The main cast was always front and center, yes, but there was always that excitement of “Yes! We get to learn more about Dr. Whale!” or “The Mad Hatter??? MORE” and I get that actor availability is always an issue, but it got to the point where they full-out STOPPED giving these characters backstory. They’re no longer there to serve their own arc’s purpose; they’ve become plot devices for the Charmings n co.

I was so disappointed by Ariel’s recent episode because it finally seemed like a singular story between her and Hook just to add a bit of development and enrichment but NOPE! Wasn’t even her, everything has to suddenly relate to the big bad in some way otherwise there’s no point in showing it. I liked the show when it moseyed and just took its time indulging. The Peter Pan arc was beyond painful for me and so far the weakest part of the show imho. Frozen just feels like selling out to me, especially since it looks like they’re suctioning onto the source material without reinterpretation (although they could prove me wrong). 

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*dies from cute overload*

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I just want you to know you are super talented and equally as beautiful.

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People will stare. Make it worth their while → Alexander McQueen | Pre-Fall ‘10-‘11